Employee Assisted Counselling and Coaching

'Jan has helped me shift my thinking'
Coaching provision for employees that is fully funded by employers.
  • Improved performance
  • Motivational
  • lowered stress levels
If you are an employee..please tell your H.R professional about this service.
Employers, please feel free to call me and discuss an employee assisted counselling package.
Tel: 01242 678985  Mobile: 07850 277926
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Testimonial 2013

“We have worked with Jan, Director of Counselling In Gloucestershire for well over a year now.  Jan provides our Employee Support Programme at Commercial Group through telephone counselling and face to face support. Our employees feel secure in the knowledge that the service is completely confidential and can be used for any kind of psychological or emotional issues whether work related or personal.

We are thrilled with the professionalism and expertise that Jan provides us with and look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”


Emma Levings

Head of HR

Commercial Group