Happy Christmas or Christmas Stresses?

Do you need a Christmas  M.O.T ?
There is no doubt that many of us may look forward to Christmas and the festive season.... Yummy food, let ones hair down and have a drink, meet with friends, catch up with the extended family and buy lots of lovely pressies and for those with certain religious beliefs a time to worship.

Unfortunately it is not like this for all of us for a variety of reasons, and this years current economic climate adds more stress on the financial front .

Christmas is stressful or emotionally difficult if:
  • You have lost a loved one
  • Going through or recently separated or divorced
  • Job loss or facing job loss
  • Ill health
  • Money worries
  • overwhelmed with organizing celebrations
  • Anxious about juggling work with home
  • Fears over partners drinking or spending over Xmas
  • You do not get on with family or in-laws
Sadly the risk of suicide goes up at Christmas, as many people that are alone at Christmas assume that the rest of the world are having a wonderful time.

We see a rise in clients coming in pre and post Christmas with relationship and debt issues, also we see drink related problems... 

The coming New Year is often a trigger to drive people to make change based on the thoughts that they do not want to remain with a problem for yet another calendar year.


Firstly evaluate whether you can address the issues yourself.  If not where do you need to go to for help? G.P. debt advisory service, your employer, discuss with partner or speak to a therapist.

The important thing is to ask for help. if you work for an organisation check to see if they a scheme to support employees.

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