Bespoke Counselling Worldwide

  'She encouraged me to take back some control in my life'
      The advantages of bespoke consultancy
  • Reduced loss of time for the client
  • No loss of income
  • Privacy can be fully obtained
  • Couple counselling for high profile clients available without fear of disclosure
  • No press leaks by making an association to the practice address
Oversea travel, accommodation and other expenses must be met and prepaid by the client.
Appointments will be priced accordingly.
 Tel: 01242 678985  Mobile: 07850 277926
 Why chose bespoke?
Some of my clients do not have the time due to business or personal commitments to visit my practice.
Others have such a high personal profile that being seen by the  press or similar in their everyday ' going about their business' leads them to be reluctant to venture into a known counselling practice.  
 Please feel free to discuss this service with me.

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