Counselling Corporate - employee support programme

Counselling services for the corporate sector
low-cost, high-impact support  
Quantifiably increase the value of people to the business
Provider to: Commercial Group

Guide for Employees
If you are an employee who is struggling due to work or personal issues and feel that you could be supported by one of our experienced team and if your organisation is not eligible for CIG employee counselling support - please inform your HR department or Occupational Health about this service.


Organisations can buy bespoke packages to suit their budgets.


Many problems can be addressed over the telephone making accessing the service extremely easy -  but some people may benefit from seeing a counsellor in person.

We provide employees with the practical and emotional support needed to successfully deal with their stresses and strains, and help them manage home life and work life when times are tough.



                                Guide for Managers

Our approach provides short-term solution-focused counselling to assist employees in identifying the problem. We listen, support and help construct a plan of action for resolving the issues. It is used effectively to treat a wide range of occupational and domestic stress related issues, for example
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Divorce and separation
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Redundancy
  • Bereavement
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental Health

If your organisation does not have a relationship with C I G please inform your HR department or Occupational Health about this service.

We would be delighted to come along a discuss how we can provided a tailor made service to support budget and business needs.

Employee Support - Why it is a incredible benefit to both employee and organisation.

Do not kid yourself you are bullet proof - no one is.

Don't think being emotional or stressed is weakness - it is not (It's a normal human response to)

Do not start to think that showing emotion or seeking help, makes you weak - utter tosh! (it is weak and rather stupid to ignore it and struggle in my book).

Do not think 'high achievers' have it all under control. If that was the case we would not see people jump off buildings, under trains, turn to drink, use drugs in an effort to resolve the unbearable.

If you had a broken leg, you would not ignore it and keep walking now would you - you would seek help. If you did not seek help, you would end up unable to go anywhere. That would be dumb wouldn't it?

You might think you can hide your stress, anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown etc... Want the truth? well, it is unlikely that it will go unnoticed by others, because you would show signs; anger, restlessness, strange destructive behaviour, often drink -drugs induced. isolating, becoming critical, harsh or anxious are all to do with mental emotional discomfort.

Emotional discomfort WILL impact on your work and career, just as it will impact on your everyday life.


It is simple. A healthy happy person, works well, does not have ego struggles in a team, has the stability to be a good leader.

Happy people sleep better, so performance has increased potential to become enhanced. Less chance of mistakes.

Content people can see a future, a happy fulfilling one and therefore are simply nicer to be around and work with.

Happy/well people take less time off!

Happy teams make working for an organisation a delight. So this is fantastic for employers, as the investment that they make in a person has enormous worth when those people remain with you, and are part of building a profitable company.

Who does not want to feel valuable in your work?

Who does not want to feel part of a great team?

Who does not want to be able to turn to a professional who is discreet, supportive and non judgemental when life throws you a curved ball?

Is it not a great feeling to know that your directors turn to that same support system themselves, that they value so much. So much that and extend this benefit to ALL the team, from roots to branch. (My employee support contracts, normally start by working with an owner or director.)

Not every organisation can afford 'exclusive employee support' where they can be sure who the support will be on each occasion, and therefore guarantee a certain level of expertise. That said, any employer that offers free help and support to help people when life gets tough, should be applauded.

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