Essential  training to raise awareness of mental health issues  
 In-house training to meet clients specific needs
Mental Health Awareness
  • 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health episode every year
  • 25% 0f the population are suffers
  • Nearly every one will no someone who has mental health condition.
Anxiety...depression...mood disorders....Aspergers... Alzheimer's...eating natal traumatic stress...Schizophrenia...stress..sleep disorder...OCD...
Someones...  mum, uncle, sister, dad, cousin, auntie, is our family!
So why the fear, awkwardness or prejudice.
  • Mental health awareness training can dispel the mystery , reduce the fear and empower the managers to feel more confident when faced with difficult situations


    • A training for managers and /or recruiters
    • Help to understand a little more about mental health issues
    • How we are losing the opportunity to recruit talented people due to stigma
    • Positive and valuable reasons to revisit what we think we know about mental health


    Clearly there are multitudes of desirable attributes sort during the course of recruitment. But are talented or exceptional people ‘falling through the gap’ somewhere between application and interview process due to fear or stigma?
    How are managers managing their people when it appears to involve 'mental health concerns or difficult behaviours?
    Can you take the chance that delicate situation will be handle appropriatley?
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