Couples Counselling
Relationships are an essential part of our lives... 

We have a natural tendency to develop close intimate and intense relationships with a few select individuals. This may lead to long-term commitment or marriage which can bring joy and happiness.  However, difficulties in relationships are one of the most common causes of unhappiness, and often brings people into therapy.

As individuals we may for whatever reason face inner conflict. This we may feel is due to our partner’s behaviour or other circumstances in our lives; loss of family, job loss, children leaving home, falling in love with another!  There are so many influences on our feelings and our relationships that it would not be possible to mention them all.

We invest in another with a clear expectation that we will find emotional companionship in each other.  Honesty, trust, love and respect...sharing and caring are all a part of the sense of being a couple,  and at the start of a relationship the huge ‘falling in love’ chemicals that fill us with passion and enthusiasm may subside to leave misunderstanding and negative feelings.

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Sometimes we have not resolved issues from our past that involve family or traumatic events. Conflicts from earlier relationships can also come with us into new relationship and effect the trust or belief that we are lovable, this eventually leads to discord or arguments.

 As an independent professional I can provide insight into the relationship. 

 Psychotherapists practice a 'talking therapy' and gently encourage you  both to explore issues more deeply without feeling criticised or judged.  I will help you to communicate more effectively and this helps to stop the rows and the terrible negative feeling that come from falling out with someone you are close to. Therapy is an opportunity to understand  how you think about and respond to life's events; an opportunity to explore options and different ways of coping. 

The experience of sharing your thoughts and feelings with another individual can relieve the feelings that you are entirely alone with your problem and may over a period of time help you to increase self awareness, and provide you with an environment that may help to facilitate change. 

I am Relate trained counsellor which is widely considered one of the finest training providers of couple counsellors.....I now work independently of Relate in my own well established private practice.

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