Sometimes the thought contacting a counsellor can be very nerve racking, most people are very nervous and find it difficult to make the first call or send an email. Do not worry, you will get a very warm and caring response.

I know by the time people call they are often distressed. I do my best to make the first time you speak to me a comfortable experience.

Once you enter into counselling it becomes a little easier.  You maybe a little anxious as the appointment approaches, but once you arrive; my therapy room is a safe welcoming space for you.

Counselling sessions are usually on a weekly basis and last forty five -fifty minutes. I charge £70.

During our first meeting I will give you space and time to explain to me what has lead you make contact. The aim is not to give you advice but to increase your understanding and help you explore options you may not have considered, and different ways of coping or resolving issues. 

I draw on a variety of different approaches that can be adapted to suit each individual client. I find most clients want to achieve a balance between talking about the past and concentrating on the present and future. I will try to assist you by making links between all aspects of your story . I will also help you look for solutions and formulate goals. I can offer you tools and techniques to assist to achieve the outcome you wish for, or simply help you to understand the way you are feeling and why.  At no point will I tel you what you should or shouldn't is your life, your journey, but I am here to help you make it a rewarding and happy life.

Counselling offers you a confidential therapeutic relationship in a safe environment where you meet regularly, and where the trust and the empathy of the relationship is more important than the theoretical approach.

Terms of business (counselling contract) are discussed during our initial consultation. This initial consultation will also last 50 minutes and will be charged at the same rate as ongoing counselling appointments. 

'Jan helped me see that no matter how long  and dark the nights were…the sun would always be coming up over the hill'.

Take the first step and call me now..... I can help you!
 01242 678985 or 07850 277926