"I have just spent the last few weeks working through some "stuff" with Jan Slater and I wanted to share my experience so that others can also benefit from this amazing woman.  I came to Jan at a really dark time when I was feeling nothing but negative about my life, my existence and indeed I was even questioning any future at all.  I realised I needed help and sought out a local psychotherapist.  What drew me to Jan was her impressive list of credentials, experience and range of expertise.  This is very important to me and perhaps one of the clinchers was seeing she also supervises other therapists so it was clear she was not only suitably qualified but also experienced enough and credible enough to develop other practitioners too.  Seeing that she has established practices locally and in Harley Street also gave me confidence to contact her and arrange an appointment.

When we met, she put me straight at ease and invested a considerable amount of time seeking to understand my challenges.  She was extremely understanding and very easy to open up to.  She asked very pointed questions and was firm with me whenever she needed to be.  I am not quite sure what she did, nor how she did it, but the difference between where I am now and where I was just a few weeks ago is remarkable.  Jan has helped me find my own answers to my own problems and has empowered me and given me the strength to move forward.  I can highly recommend Jan as a supportive, encouraging and understanding therapist who will help you deal with whatever challenge you face.  

International keynote speaker  Sept 16


Many thanks to Jan ...
 who has helped me shift my thinking 100% from very negative thoughts surrounding certain aspects of my life and the people who have been close to me.
This has lifted what feels like a 100 tonne weight from my shoulders and I am almost floating with lightness and much more energy. Jan has given me the outlook and tools to make me much more confident that I can change or accept as needed to ensure I remain in this happier place.
Miss S.B Gloucestershire
Below is a thank you card from long-term client who changed their life around.
Clients  are always welcome to come back if they feel they need extra help and support. Sometime they are just sensing a little bit of a wobble.
I help my client to see that asking for help is about being wise and intuitive and not in anyway a sign of weakness.
Anxiety sufferer - short term work
For many years I have suffered with negative thought patterns together with crippling Health Anxiety. Despite visiting therapists for help I have not succeeded in changing the way I have felt about these issues - until now! Jan has provided me with  positive coping strategies to challenge the way I feel and think about my problems. Jan has a kind, caring and professional manner. From our very first meeting I felt completely understood and was made to feel comfortable and at ease. I am so grateful for the help and support that she has afforded me and would not hesitate to recommend her if appropriate.  July 2013
February  2016
I felt isolated and close to panic over a deteriorating relationship and behaviour of a loved one. Jan helped me to see my situation from a different angle and her suggestions of changes to how I communicate gave instant positive results.
A mother living with an adult son with undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome.

International Client
When I met my counsellor... 
she made me feel at ease. Jan, helped me examine my current difficulties and thought processes, enabling a more positive approach in dealing with situation
She encouraged me to take back some control in my life, which at the time I never thought possible. Although I understand I have quite some way to go in the challenges ahead, Jan has given me many tools to make life bearable and even enjoyable again.
I feel I have the confidence back to start to enjoy and embrace my life again and that my children and I will have a good life together.

Mum of two small children - Cheltenham


Aspergers suffer find the words to explain who finding the right therapist can feel.

For your testimonial page .......................
Having struggled through childhood, adolescence and adulthood with Asperger's Syndrome, it became abundantly clear during my initial meeting with Jan, that I was finally talking to someone who actually understood me and understood what was going on in my head - for the very first time in my entire life.
It is very much the truth - and I don't imagine I will ever forget that feeling.
Thank you so much. 
Jan 2013
November 2014

Thank you for your support and professionalism during my recent counselling meetings. There were a number of things that just needed to be talked through, and exploring them with you has helped me understand a lot more about my childhood and how the family dynamic has affected my later life. I hope this knowledge and your advice about coping strategies will help with any future experiences of anxiety I may have (though, of course I hope there aren't any!).

Many thanks again for your help and understanding.

Ms M

Couple Testimonial 2014 (Aspergers)

“We started seeing Jan around a year ago after my husband was diagnosed with Aspergers.  The last year has been a revelation.  Jan has helped both of us to learn more about the condition and we have been able to apply this successfully to understand each other better and drastically improve family life.  There was no support from the NHS after the diagnosis (not even a leaflet!) and I’m so glad we did some research of our own to find Jan.  She has armed us with useful strategies relevant to our individual circumstances to help family life run smoothly again.  I can’t recommend her highly enough”

Mr & Mrs C


A much appreciated thank you letter...
from a client that made fabulous progress after just a few sessions...it absolutely changed her life!
The name has been covered up prior to scanning in the interest of confidentiality as the full name was given.
Testimonial from an Aspergers sufferer 

‘I am an adult with (recently diagnosed) Asperger’s, and secondary mental health problems. Having spent a long time searching for someone in the Cheltenham area with knowledge and training to be able to help with learning how best to deal with Asperger’s and its consequences, I can happily and confidently say that Jan is indeed that right person who knows the way to help with specific Asperger’s oriented needs. She has helped me a lot, and has a great sense of humour too! David Pearce Musician.Oct 2012