Mental Health Counselling

Many mental health conditions  benefit from counselling  support.
Cognitive behavioural therapy skills are extremely useful for helping clients to manage many aspects of their condition. However, I use a variety of theoretical frameworks, depending on the individual client needs.

I have experience working with:  

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  •  Aspergers
  •  Bipolar disorder
  •  Borderline personality disorder
  •  Anxiety
  •  Post traumatic stress disorder
I take G.P and psychiatric referrals and I am registered with private healthcare providers.

Bipolar Disorder

Emily Maguire who talks openly about her life as a sufferer of Bipolar disorder, wrote a powerful song around the importance of not giving up when relationships does not work out, and life seems to result in the same old disappointments. Support, love  and a helping hand can give you the strength to 'start over again'… 

Also known as manic depression. This was an informative program that helps explore and understand a little about the condition.  The correct support and diagnose is key to managing the condition.

Informative TV programme with Stephen Fry.

YouTube Video

Relatives of loved ones that suffer from any mental illness, can become very depressed and low in mood when they  live with  those who have many difficult mood variations, or difficult behaviours.
Counselling support for relatives can make a huge difference to:
  • Managing difficult emotions ...anger, irritability, frustration.
  • Finding  new ways of communicating with the suffer.
  • learning more about the condition and what would be helpful
  • Having someone to confide in.
  • Managing their fears and hopes for the future.
  • Exploring how they could start to live a full and happy life whilst supporting someone they love that lives with mental illness.
From an Aspergers sufferer - name provided.

‘I am an adult with (recently diagnosed) Asperger’s, and secondary mental health problems. Having spent a long time searching for someone in the Cheltenham area with knowledge and training to be able to help with learning how best to deal with Asperger’s and its consequences, I can happily and confidently say that Jan is indeed that right person who knows the way to help with specific Asperger’s oriented needs. She has helped me a lot, and has a great sense of humour too! David Pearce (alleged musician)

Post Partam Psychosis

An insight into the condition that causes  some new mothers to be unable to manage their emotions and their life.  This  can put them at risk and the also the child. Help is available and it is important for partners and relatives to help them seek help wherever possible.

Symptoms of postpartum psychosis can include:

   Delusions or strange beliefs.

   Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren't there)

   Feeling very irritated.


   Decreased need for or inability to sleep.

   Paranoia and suspiciousness.

   Rapid mood swings.

   Difficulty communicating at times.

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