Testimonial Overseas

'My sessions with Jan  Slater have been a huge help'
Due to the advances in technology, counselling, coaching and other services are no longer confined to a country or a region.
Many of my clients come from overseas or work abroad regularly.  These clients are able to be supported fully using, web cam, telephone or email.
Please do read the following testimonial:
When I moved out to the Middle East just over three years ago, I realised that it was a huge move - geographically! What I didn't fully appreciate, was that the decision to move had come from a place of deep rooted dissatisfaction and unhappiness with my life as it was. 

Living out in the Middle East also threw up it's own challenges for me to deal with. I reached a very low place and decided to seek counselling as a support to help me dig around and understand where these feelings were coming from and find a new way of being.

 Finding a suitable counsellor where I was living, proved to be difficult. I searched around on the Internet on a visit back to the UK and was fortunate enough to find Jan. We were able to meet face to face for my first couple of consultations. However, as my base was in abroad, there was no way I could continue with our 'in person' meetings - I needed to be able to continue counselling whilst I was away and working. 

Fortunately, Jan was open to the idea of using Skype for our sessions and we arranged a time that was convenient to both of us, despite the time difference!

My sessions with Jan have been a huge help to me in being able to identify underlying thought patterns and habits of behaviour, and to move through those that no longer held any relevance or were being a negative force in my life. Jan encouraged me to be kind and gentle to myself as I developed new, more positive thought patterns and ways of responding. Being able to talk 'face-to-face' on skype from the comfort of my own sitting room - on the other side of the world, was an immense source of support. The fact that I simply had to switch on my computer at the arranged time and did not have to leave my house to reach a therapist, and afterwards was able to curl up on the sofa to process the session, was an enormous benefit.  Miss C
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